Zakres wzorcowań oferowanych przez firmę Instron nie tylko spełnia wymagania międzynarodowych norm, ale też znacznie je przekracza. Jesteśmy wiodącym producentem czujników o najwyższej dokładności i byliśmy pierwszą firmą wykorzystującą technologię tensometrów do pomiary obciążenia. Jesteśmy dumni z faktu, że nasze usługi są najwyższej jakości.

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  • 2/25/2021
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Torsion Add-on Version 3 - User Manual

The Torsion Add-on system comprises a compatible electromechanical load frame, e.g. 6800 Series, a secondary motor mounted to the moving crosshead, a torsion controller assembly mounted to the column of the load frame and a suitable biaxial load cell mounted to the base adapter This configuration provides torque to the specimen which allows biaxial testing of specimens.

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  • 1/18/2021
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Torsion Add On 3.0 for Electromechanical Testing Systems

The Instron Torsion Add-On 3.0 for Electromechanical Universal Testing Systems is designed for simple, simultaneous axial and torsional testing of devices and/or components. Torsion Add-On 3.0 easily mounts to any new or existing Instron 6800 or 5900 system, adding torsion capability to your lab while saving valuable lab space. It utilizes Bluehill Universal’s dedicated axial-torsion and method types in a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

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  • 1/7/2021
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2715 Series Capstan Grips

2715-001 Series Cord Capstan Grips are designed to permit faster, easier testing of twisted or braided cords. These are designed to permit predetermination of specimen length, and allow quick, convenient loading.

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  • 12/9/2020
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2519 Series Static Load Cells

Instron® load cells are an integral part of a materials testing system. The 2519 Series load cells are specifically designed for use with Instron’s 3300 Single column testing systems. The design, manufacture, and performance verification is conducted with materials testing applications in mind and the cells are certified in accordance with international standards.

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  • 12/9/2020
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9000 Series Pendulum Impact Testers POD

The Instron 9000 Series of pendulum impact testers are designed for determining the impact resilience of thermoplastics. Available in capacities from 0,5 to 50 Joules, the 9050 models are reliable and easy to operate.

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  • 12/4/2020
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