The CEAST software brings together CEAST and Instron’s experience of impact, HDT Vicat and rheology testing, providing a complete interface between the instruments and the end-user. Developed for accurate material characterization analysis, data processing, organization and reporting, it is configured into common application areas with a full set of features for customization.

Bluehill HV Software

Bluehill® HV

Bluehill® HV Software is specifically designed for the Instron® HDT and Vicat testers, both of the previous and current generations.

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BlueHill Impact for Drop Towers screen shot

Bluehill® Impact for Drop Towers

Bluehill Impact with it's easy-to-understand icons and workflows, make it easy to train new or experienced users allowing you to start testing even faster than ever before.

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VisualMELT Software for Melt Flow Testers


For the CEAST Melt Flow Testers, Instron created the VisualMELT Software to calculate, analyze, edit, store, and transport data at all points of the test.

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Impact Software


CEAST VisualIMPACT Software works alongside the Data Acquisition System to manage CEAST Pendulum Impact Testers.

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VisualRHEO Software for Capillary Rheometers


CEAST VisualRHEO Software was developed for single-bore and twin-bore Capillary Rheometers to add ease to the data collection and analysis.

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Please contact Instron for the minimum PC requirements necessary to install and operate this software.