Fibers or filaments although all thin, still have a wide variety in thicknesses and tensile strength and need very particular gripping methods. 

The Lever Action Grips provide the ideal means to hold single fiber specimens. The grips are simple, lightweight, and symmetrical in design. 

The O-Ring type of grip is designed to hold very small diameter fiber specimens during tension testing. The rubber v-groove provides a gradually increased frictional hold on the specimen and helps reduce grip face pinching and subsequent specimen jaw breaks. Special considerations are built into the design, where the U-shaped bend provides sufficient area for specimen loading.

Fiber Filament Tensile Grips

Principle Of Operation

Lever Action Grips are generally used for the thicker range of specimens. These grips have an adjustable clamping force, self-aligning hard rubber coated faces, and provide ease of operation similar to a clothes pin. 

Another approach used for the much thinner fibers is the Micro Fiber Grip or the O-Ring Fiber Grip. This grip utilizes two rubber o-rings sandwiched between two knurled wheels. These wheels thread on a stud and compress the o-rings to achieve desired gripping force on the specimen.

Application Range

  • Type of loading: Tensile 
  • Specimen Material: Fine wires, filaments 
  • Specimen shapes: round, flat
Item Name Cat #
Fiber Clamps, Lever Action 2711-006
Fiber Clamps, O-Ring 2711-007