Webbing is a high strength textile material that cannot generally be gripped successfully with simple side-acting grips. Special grips based on the capstan principle minimize slippage and jaw breakage effects.

2715 Webbing Capstan Grips

Principle Of Operation

These webbing capstan grips incorporate an ingenious double capstan design which provides fast, easy loading with a gripping action that results in proper breaks in the full gauge length of the specimen.

The key to the ease of loading is the use of an inner and outer capstan.

The specimen is loaded simply by inserting one end into the groove of the inner capstan and cranking it through 360 degrees.

Gripping efficiency is also greatly increased because the surfaces of both capstans are utilized.

Application Range

  • Static tensile tests on webbing, belts and tapes
Item Name Capacity Specimen Width Cat #
Webbing Capstan Grips 50 kN 10000 lbf 50 mm 2 in 2715-003
Webbing Capstan Grips 50 kN 10,000 lbf 100 mm 4 in CP108121