Virtual Training
Live Online Instruction with Instron Experts

Virtual training connects you with an Instron instructor for live, highly-interactive training sessions designed to simulate the traditional classroom learning experience without having to leave your home or office.

Just like a typical in-person class, our instructors will guide you through critical learning objectives where you will be able to see and hear your instructor, asks questions and hear questions from other students, receive hands-on training time with the software, and have the option of sharing your screen with the instructor.

Class Sizes for virtual training have no minimum and are guaranteed to run, even if you are the only student enrolled. Larger class sizes may be broken up into separate sessions to ensure a lower student-teacher ratio.

Available Courses

Introduction to Materials Testing
Introduction to Materials Testing

This course highlights the basics of static testing including mechanical properties, load/elongation test curves, different types of testing, stress and strain, modulus, yield, preset point calculations, and application testing with live demonstrations on computerized materials test instruments. Observe and perform tensile, compressive, flex, and peel tests, and learn to interpret test curves and calculated results.

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Bluehill Universal
Bluehill® Universal Operators

In this three-day project-based course, students will work with a certified Instron instructor to explore the various tools and features of Bluehill Universal. Using a hands-on approach, the instructor will guide students through a series of realistic projects designed to prepare the student for the unique demands of his or her laboratory.

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TestProfiler for Bluehill Universal Users with Advanced Features

Complete software training on the TestProfiler and advanced features for the Bluehill Universal software. You will learn how to develop waveforms, events/actions, test results, test methods, save, recall and generate test data. You will learn how to build your own cyclic test setups and sequences. You will also learn about advanced calculation tools such and domain expressions and user defined calculations.

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