Bluehill Universal: Advanced Capability


The only thing more important than the data created by the Instron system is what you do with it afterwards. Bluehill® Universal offers two main ways to export results and raw data from the Instron system. A professional report can be automatically saved, emailed, or printed at the end of a sample, with information such as your company’s logo, test parameters, a graph of the data, and results tables. For integration with a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or for performing your own post-test analysis, users can export up to 2 export files, which default as CSV files, but can be entirely customized with different file types, headers, separators, and layouts.


TestProfiler allows for easy set up of tests that require step-by-step loading patterns that fall outside of a standard single or two-ramp test. Cyclic test sequences are readily created by using TestProfiler’s waveform building steps (triangle waves, ramps, and holds). TestProfiler tests are beneficial for mimicking the functional use of a product or component. Further, TestProfiler allows you to build conditional logic into the simple or complex cyclic profiles, and the ability to control and respond to transducers such as chambers and other digital sensors.


Bluehill Universal has hundreds of standard calculations and measurements, but sometimes you need something custom. With Expression Builder you can create your own custom formulas for measurements, calculations, events, and even test speeds. These formulas can allow Bluehill Universal to do work you would normally do in an external program, saving you time and effort.



Bluehill Security allows a Lab Manager to configure permission in the software, granting access to trained personnel, such as super users, and limiting access where needed. Bluehill Security allows login permissions to be configured directly in Bluehill, or linked to the local Windows login or Windows Active Directory. When using Windows Active Directory, the IT Department will need to set up groups for the different levels of permission in Bluehill. Information on setting up Active Directory groups can be found HERE.

Enhanced Security Features in Bluehill Universal


The Analysis Module provides users with the means to analyze test data using any method – i.e. a new set of calculations. Replaying a data set (sample file) through different methods allows users to quickly and easily create customized test results for different audiences, or make modifications to their own methods without having to re-run tests.


The TestCam Video Recording and Playback Module provides users with a video recording of how the test was conducted and how the specimen failed, by recording the test from start to finish using almost any USB video recording device. After testing, the user can replay the test or use a scanning cursor to select particular points of interest while viewing the associated test video frame. Videos can be stored and sent electronically. This feature requires a DirectX compatible webcam with a USB connection.

Test Cam


With the TrendTracker™ plug-in for Bluehill Universal, users can seamlessly integrate with TrendTracker, Instron’s Results Database. The plug-in also includes the ability to migrate and export older Bluehill 2 and Bluehill 3 sample file results into the database. Track trends for your material over time, across machines and operators, allowing you to take steps to correct issues before you realize they exist.



Bluehill Universal’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows system administrators to program their own custom interfaces for controlling pre- and post-test actions within Bluehill. In many cases, the API can allow you to automate some components of the testing sequence, as well as create your own interface for running certain parts of the system, like importing, starting, or exporting. 


Some users prefer to build methods or perform post-test data analysis at their own desks or remotely on their laptops, rather than at the test instrument. The Off-line Programming and Data Analysis option is available in either a single or unlimited license.